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4 Ways in Which an Onboarding Process Can Help Improve Candidate Experience

An automated onboarding process can be of great help in such situations. Here are four ways the onboarding software can directly impact a candidate's experience:

1) Onboarding software can send text messages to engage your candidate

If you only want to contact the candidates on the shortlist, it is better to contact them via the most used mode, which is mobile and you can call or send text messages. You can choose to download the best onboarding platform via to improve the companies management process.

However, if you have an urgent message to communicate with your candidate, text messaging is undoubtedly one of the easiest and most guaranteed ways to confirm acceptance.

2) Onboarding customize your email

If your email starts with "Dear Candidate," that's a clear sign that you hardly care about your candidate. Most recruiters believe that one of the biggest enemies of good communication with candidates is time. 

3) Contact candidates in a timely manner with a onboarding tracking system

Most relationships between candidates and recruiters depend on the weather. The candidate tracking system is activated with predictable or artificial intelligence that does the forecasting work from your side so that you can contact the candidate at the right time.

4) Onboarding helps streamline the containment process

The candidate's experience does not end with placement, but begins with him or her. Similar to the candidate's experience, if he is unhappy, he will remember it for the rest of his life. There are many things that can go wrong during the onboarding process.