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6th Wedding Anniversary Gift to Give To Your Special Someone

Celebrating anniversaries have been much like a "tradition" to most people. In fact, there are many reasons why they celebrate wedding anniversaries. One main reason is to honor the love shared by each other throughout the years.

According to history, the tradition of giving specific gifts based on the number of years the couple had been married has certain luck-bringing substances and/or beliefs. The traditional theme for sixth year wedding anniversaries is candy or iron while the modern theme is wood.

There are lots of things made of or related to wood that you could actually give your partner as a 6th Wedding Anniversary Gifts, especially if you are creative. You can give your partner a bonsai plant with a note about your hopes for a long lasting, flourishing marriage.

Another thing that you can do is fill your room with pine-scented candles to add a little romance, and then the rest is up to you. For candy, you can give him/her his/her favorite chocolate or just make something that'll satisfy his/her sweet tooth!

If you want to go with the more classy gift, the sixth year anniversary stone is the amethyst. The amethyst have been coveted by royalty throughout the ages as symbol of wisdom, strength, and confidence. You can give your partner a necklace with an amethyst stone, a charm bracelet perhaps, a ring, or any other piece.

Some people, however, are not as traditional as others are. They prefer doing and/or giving stuffs in their own special way. If you're that kind of person and you don't want to go with the wood, iron, candy and amethyst thing, here are 6th anniversary gifts that you can give to your partner:

Personalized stuffs. What makes personalized gifts special? It's the thoughtfulness and attention that went into creating a special message for the gift. Pillows, shirts, jewelry, painting, key chains and photo calendars to name a few examples of personalized stuffs.