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A Complete Guide To Microlocs

Tired of the same hairstyle all year round? Square braids, millions of braids, twists, and simple crochet braids have rocked classic women and celebrities for years. I'm pretty sure you weren't left out either. However, if you want to make a change, don't worry because right now there is a new and exciting hairstyle that you will love to sport for its splendor: it's called Microlocs!

This beauty is well worth the trouble and time spent on repairs and is great for all times due to its lightweight nature which is resistant to excessive heat and sweat. Microlocs are usually made to cover every tiny gap in your hair to make it look fuller. This feature also makes it perfect for cold weather as you will feel warm without a hood.

Many hair professionals provide the best service on microlocs. You may visit the salons or if you want you may search online with the queries like microlocs near me.


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Let’s discuss more about what microlocs are and how they differ from other places.

What are microlocs?

Microlocks are natural strands of hair that are twisted, permed, or braided that create the look of regular dreadlocks. But in the case of microlocks, each loc is smaller than your pinky, or nearly the diameter of a standard pencil, but slightly thinner.

Microlocs range from a minimum of 100 locs and can be as high as 1000 microlocs as known to man.

However, the size you choose for your micro curls, the fullness of your hair, and the size of your head will determine how many curls you get.

Microlocs can be washed, braided, twisted, painted, cut to create different styles and layers, or glued into a ponytail. You don't need any special training or experience to install Microlocs.

You can choose to secure your micro locks with a crochet tool or simply loosen them by simply braiding your hair in a twist or a simple three-piece braid.