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Create A Better Future

A Successful Leadership Strategy To Get The Best Team

What would it be like if every member of your team worked to their full potential every day? In a survey of workers, researchers reported that fewer than one out of four employees said that they were performing to their full potential.

In addition to this rather grim statistic, just less than half said that they did the barest minimum to hold their job and purposely withheld any extra effort. The majority of workers said that they could significantly increase their contribution in terms of effort. To get more details about leadership strategies you may check it here.

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Have a look at people in your team and you can see the amount of discretionary behavior that they apply to their work. Imagine what it would be like if you could unleash all their discretionary behavior. There is good news. The effective use of positive reinforcement will create discretionary behavior.

Regrettably, positive reinforcement is misused and misunderstood. A good example of this is the "Employee of the Month" which is supposed to be some sort of public recognition but ends up being a disincentive to everybody who is not an employee of the month.

In some organizations, it is further misused by making sure that everybody has a chance to be Employee of the Month in rotation.

These sorts of attempts at positive reinforcement have the opposite effect of their intention and prevent many managers from motivating their team and improving their performance.