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Create A Better Future

All About Quality Assurance and Drupal Development

Quality assurance is the main part for web development applications. But Drupal has several modules of boxes for performance, debugging and development to make it easier to add powerful features to sites, CCK standard tools, see etc. will be used for various application development. Sophisticated modules and themes can provide great profits or extraordinary frustration for end users.

We will touch the selenium and the simplest process, but the tools are covered in more depth in other sessions. You can check out drupal development services via online resources.

Custom Drupal Development

Our goal is to take a more holistic approach, which includes the topic as:

  • Why spend time (and money) on a good quality assurance for business?
  • Use control code control and multiline effectively to manage development, QA and direct sites
  • The importance of users of users produced by clients as additional functional specifications for development and as success criteria during testing
  • What form of documentation helps ensure the success of a project?
  • How should custom vs generic custom code options (and rear contributions) are made, and what is the impact on long-term quality?
  • What is a specific trap that makes Drupal be avoided? (And how can they be implemented in a safe way?)

The basic goal is to increase awareness and sharing tools and techniques that will improve the quality of drupal-based development.