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All About Radon Testing in Your Home

Are you concerned about Radon in your house? This is the question homeowners should be asking. The highest levels of radon are found in the upper Midwest. This is why homeowners and homebuyers should be aware of it. Here we discuss in detail about radon testing and mitigation services:

What is Radon? Radon, a radioactive gas naturally found on the earth, can enter your home and pose serious health threats to your family. Many soils are rich in uranium, which over time decays to make radium or polonium. 

 Radon Testing

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The radon eventually releases polonium, which causes high levels of toxicity in the air. Radon is a persistent, and intractable contaminant. There are no models that can be used to explain how it enters a house.

A short-term kit is a way to quickly get a reading. You can purchase a radon test kit at your local lowes or hardware shop. You can simply mail the kit back to the lab once the test has been completed. They will mail you the results.

Long-term tests are kept in your home for a period of 90 days. This type of testing is often done with electric detectors and alpha tracks. Long-term testing will provide a more precise annual average level of radon than a shorter-term test.  Short-term and CRM methods of testing are most commonly used when a house is being sold or bought.