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ASVAB Guide – Ways to Improve Your AFQT Score

The ASVAB Guide would not be complete if it weren't for these ten topics to help improve your score of AFQT ASVAB. The AFQT score is the most important result as it assesses whether you even qualify for the military service of your choice. 

AFQT tests your communication and math skills. Make sure you are strong in the following types of problems and your ASVAB score will definitely improve.

Find the word that comes closest to its meaning

In the upcoming ASVAB Word Knowledge practice test section, you will be sure to come across foreign words. Your job when you come across foreign words is simply to find the closest meaning to the word. Your job is simply to find the word that is closest to the given word. If you find it, you will find the correct answer.

The use of roots, prefixes, and suffixes

Foreign words often cause confusion on the ASVAB test. A useful piece of advice from the ASVAB manual when you come across a foreign word is to understand its root, prefix, or suffix. If you manage to find the stem, prefix, or suffix, you are sure to find the right answer.

Outline a sequence of actions

The ASVAB guide reminds you, candidate, to make sure you have performed the operations in the correct order whenever a math problem asks you to perform more than one operation.

Overview of ratios, prices, scales

Understanding ratios, rates, and scale is quite a difficult task. However, you need to understand this if you want to score high on this subtest.

Calculation of area, perimeter, and volume

In the ASVAB test, you are sure to find math questions that involve calculating area, perimeter, and volume.