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Best Things To Do In Orchard Road

Orchard Road is famous for its cuisines, however, if you're searching for things to do in Orchard Road besides purchasing then not to worry — there is a lot to do. Nowadays, the malls are not only focused on purchasing, but they have lots of entertainment also: cinemas, bowls lanes, and amusement arcades are only some of the trendy attractions accessible along Orchard Road.

You can check the best and top meals in Orchard Road around Orchard Road. End the afternoon checking out the gorgeous traditional homes on Emerald Hill Road. Here, we have assembled what we think are the very most enjoyable displays in Orchard Road and its environment.

Which are the top things to do in Orchard Road?

1. Emerald Hill Road

One of the most popular shopping malls across Orchard Road is among the most attractive streets in town: Emerald Hill. It is located only behind Orchard Central and was formerly an upmarket residential place for Peranakans(descendants of Chinese and Malay immigrants).  

There is a mix of art deco and Chinese Baroque designs and it is exceptionally picturesque – a comparison with the contemporary cement of Orchard Road. There are some fantastic pubs with happy hours provided.

2. Singapore Art Museum

Singapore Art Museum is at the center of Singapore's main purchasing area on Bras Basah Road. The memorial is a perfect spot to see nearly 8,000 bits of Singaporean and Southeast Asian prevailing and modern artwork.  

There are not just paintings on screen but also installation and photography pieces. The museum also includes a little shop in addition to a restaurant and cafe.