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Blue Gemstones And Crystals – Blue Lace Agate Peaceful Satisfaction

The vitality frequency of blue is calming, flowing, and calming. The blue color is associated with the water component which means feeling, rhythmic motion of energy, silence, calm, and harmony. You can choose the finest blue crystal stone via for special occasions.

Under a moment of intense turmoil about where you are, experience and relive the "current state" or room you are in. To calm tired nerves and bad injuries, light a blue candle and focus on the flame for a few minutes to relax your whole body. Feel your shoulder throw whatever it carries.

Blue is the shadow of the throat chakra, the correspondence that expresses your truth with kindness. Maybe to say words of love. There are many approaches to saying what needs to be said without brutality or anger. 

Blue Lace Agate – Calming Pleasure Stone Known as the Stone of Desire, blue lace agate provides a soft, serene vitality. When used during meditation or worn on the body, it increases feelings of contentment, calms feelings, and reduces worn nerves. Blue tip agate is an extraordinary healing chakra crystal that provides calm and serenity.

This stone is associated with the water component which is symbolized by beautiful blue and white stripes. Almost as much water flows from place to place, letting your feelings and words flow easily. Water was often colorless, but still appeared in various shades of blue and adapted its shape to today's ships.