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Buy Magic Mushrooms Online Canada

When buying mushrooms online in Canada, you will find that ordering magic mushrooms is quite easy as the menu on the website is easy to navigate.

Just look at the product you want to try – whether it's dried mushrooms or microdose capsules – and feel free to take the advice from the customer service team for the best results. If you want to buy mushrooms online in Canada  then you can search the web.

buy shrooms online

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Shrooms products

The first time you buy mushrooms online in Canada, it can be a little scary if you've never tried ordering magic mushrooms. There are so many different products that can look overwhelming. Here is a small breakdown of the psilocybin mushroom on offer.

One thing to note is that all psilocybin mushrooms have the technical name Psilocybe Cubensis. So if you see "cubensis " on some products, don't be surprised – it’s just the fancy umbrella term for shrooms.

Dried Shrooms

Canada's most popular and traditional mushroom product is dry psilocybin food. Most of the orders received are for large quantities of dried mushrooms.  

The dried shrooms are dried exactly as they sound; literally, just psilocybin mushrooms dried to maintain quality and allow consumption. Most people roast it or turn it into tea, which is much better than eating the dry product alone.