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Can SMEs Retain Customers Without Long-term Contracts?

As a former owner of an IT Managed Services Provider (MSP), my company emphasizes the fact that instead of tying customers up to long-term contracts, we work on one-month cellular contracts. 

Simply put, we live and die from our ministry, and if a client is not happy with our work, they can tell us 30 days in advance and leave. You can now take professional help to learn about managed services marketing.

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If a customer decides to remove their business from us, we have also explained that we will assist them by making the transition to another IT provider very easy through the process of sending help and detailed documentation of their existing form of IT infrastructure.

Offer value to keep your customers:- I believe that this is because we have provided value and by providing value we have built trust with our customers. What do I mean by adding value? 

Now, as a managed service provider, you are usually hired first to ensure that the customer's IT infrastructure is stable, to minimize downtime, and to troubleshoot. You are an IT person.

In the early stages of your relationship with a new client – that's enough. Usually, you win over customers when their IT infrastructure is in a quandary due to long-term neglect and when they have a lot of trouble. You stormed like a white knight and saved the day, trouble firefighting and for a short time by adding stability to the network.