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Check Orthodontics in Cosmetic Dentistry

Orthodontics, a type of dentistry that is similar to cosmetic dentistry or periodontics, aims at aligning improperly placed teeth. Malocclusion, or improper tooth positioning, can cause tooth decay and severe pain. This can radiate to the neck and head and even lead to tooth loss. Malocclusion, if not addressed promptly, can cause a loss of one's good look. You can find the best dental care from

Are you a candidate for orthodontic treatment?

Your orthodontist will determine if you are a suitable candidate for orthodontics. The treatment plan is usually developed after a complete dental diagnosis. This includes x-rays and dental simulation.

  • If any of these conditions are found, orthodontics is recommended.
  • Gaps in teeth caused by crowding or tooth lossZigzag arrangement.

Different types of orthodontic services

There are many orthodontic treatments available today, from traditional metal braces to patent Damon braces. The type of treatment that is most beneficial depends on the severity of your dental condition and the prognosis.

Each system uses gentle pressure to maneuver teeth and jaws and each has its own purpose. Orthodontic equipment can be divided into two categories: fixed and removable. Dental Aligners and Dental Braces are the most popular examples of both fixed and removable orthodontics.

Your orthodontist should be consulted if you suspect that your child, or any family member, is suffering from an alignment problem. Treatment is most effective when performed on young children. It is easier to align the correct alignment while the face grows.