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Childcare Centre – What to Ask on First Visit

When inspecting a child care center for the first time that your child may attend, you should get an idea of the center. What type and quality of care do they provide? In your own mind, you must decide if this care is what you want for your child. 

To achieve this, I suggest that you spend as much time as possible at the center on your first visit. This is one of the most important decisions you will make for your young child. You can find the best early learning centre in Rockdale through

The surroundings of the child care center

The nursery environment is very important. Your child will learn and grow much better in a relaxed and happy environment where the staff will provide the care they seek at that age.

A very good sign to watch out for is if you can hear children's laughter as they play. It is a trait that some caregivers have that allows children to have fun while playing and learning. Another sign of a good daycare is if everything is clean, neat, and seems well organized.

Staff introduction

When you first arrived, did you and your child feel that someone made you feel welcome immediately? Were you introduced to the main person your child would spend the most time with at the center? It is both this person and the leadership that is so important in knowing how well your child adjusts to child care life and how well she learns.

Child Care Center Policy

As you discuss your needs with the center director, ask questions about their policies, procedures, values, and operating procedure guidelines. You should be able to get a written copy.

Before making a final decision, read them and if you have doubts about something, now is the time to ask them to explain more until you are satisfied with the explanation you receive.