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Commercially Purchased Solar Panels Installed By Professionals

Solar panels are sourced from commercial locations and installed by one of its workers. That way, it could cost tens of thousands depending on how much energy your space requires.

If you prefer a commercial installation, your focus should be on a price per watt taking installation costs into account. You can also check the various online sources to know more about solar installation or visit

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Many experts estimate that a professionally installed panel can average $7 to $9 per watt. That means a solar system estimated at four kilowatts would cost about twenty-eight to thirty-six thousand.

How much electricity can you rely on with a 4 kW solar system?

This question is a bit complicated. The answer requires variable information such as:

• How long have you had the sun at home and how many cloudy days?

• At what angle do you install the panels, how many hours a day do the panels receive sunlight?

• To what extent does the sun filter the atmosphere because of its length?

Calculating these points is too complex to consider in this article. For a house, one generation of four kilowatts is usually enough to cover energy consumption.

You can find many solar calculators by doing a Google search for "solar calculator" which can help you determine the performance you can expect from solar energy in your location.