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Construction for the Modern Era: Timber Post-Frame Building

The pillar-frame construction was intended to fill in the gaps left by the tedious, traditional timber framing process of the mid-20th century. This method uses equidistant poles buried in the ground or placed in a concrete slab to provide structure and support. 

Some buildings using this method remain open, as seen in picnic shelters, and in others are covered with curtain walls, usually made of sheet steel. You can contact us at for affordable, reliable, and much faster timber construction techniques. 

Frame construction has become popular for uses other than warehouses and apartments. The advantages of this construction method and the constant further development of more attractive and more durable materials in practice allow for wider use in the future.

Timber frame construction uses significantly fewer resources than traditional wood frames and can be completed more quickly. This method is less time consuming than other options, resulting in significant cost reductions. 

Buildings last for decades, meaning that with the help of technology, more permanent structures can be completed. Although originally developed during agricultural expansion to rapidly expand storage capacity at low cost, the construction has found a wide variety of uses as new materials hit the market. 

Column frames can now be used in almost any civil engineering project. Decor adaptations and variations have been used widely in projects such as bars, churches, and even residential homes.