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Creating a Special Needs Trust in Arizona

The ability to create special beliefs can help families to be calm. This provides a formal legal structure to ensure that someone with a disability is cared for in the financial sense. This can be organized in various ways depending on the needs of the people involved. You can also learn about the services of miller trust in Arizona online.

Why people might need this service

People who cannot manage their financial affairs are more likely to need this service. Those who have severe learning disabilities, mental retardation or inferior syndrome, severe mental illness, brain damage due to accidents or illness, or other problems that limit their understanding of money management can benefit from having family members like this parent.

One of the most important details of this trust is that it can be organized in a way that does not cause recipients to lose the ability to access many federal or state government services that are provided to people in this situation. This can be very important if the trust funds have been the result of a large lawsuit or another solution aimed at providing financial assistance to someone for life.

This trust can also be called additional needs. It is handled by someone called a trustee, who is often a family member, such as a parent or sibling, but can also be a trusted close friend willing to handle the task. In addition to legal agreements, this can also be used to manage inheritance funds and other sources of funds.