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Custom Ceramic Pet Urns: Finding The Right Memorial For Your Pet

Your favourite pet is just that: your family members. It's never easy when they die, which unfortunately happens more often than we would like due to their shorter life span. However, when they are with us, our pets give us immeasurable joy and unconditional love and loyalty. It should come as no surprise that our grief after death is as deep and vivid as the loss of a loved one. If your pet dies and you choose to cremate it, beautiful ceramic pet urn is a great option for storing your pet in your dream.

There are a variety of materials to choose from when choosing an urn for your pet. In fact, from wood to metal and everything in between, why choose ceramic pet jars over other materials?

Biodegradable: While not all ceramic pet jars are biodegradable, there are many that make them the perfect container for burying your pet without having to touch debris or worry about the durability of an urn buried in the ground. Biodegradable jars are designed to decompose (in water or on land) for several weeks and leave no trace afterwards.

Economical: Of course, there are different price ranges for ceramic pet jars, but overall you will find great jars at very reasonable prices.

Durable: Believe it or not, ceramic materials are actually quite durable. Of course, it won't survive a fall out of a window, but you'd be surprised what a high-quality ceramic animal jar can withstand.