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Diabetic Foot Care and Treatment- An Expert Guide

Diabetes can lead to severe consequences if it isn't controlled. Diabetes can quickly progress to serious levels if foot problems are not treated. If the problem is not treated promptly, it can lead to serious complications such as nerve damage and heel pain. 

While diabetic foot care has improved in many ways, it is best to prevent problems from occurring. To prevent diabetic foot problems, you can also consult a podiatrist for the best diabetic foot care treatment in Baltimore.

Tips for Diabetic Foot Wound Infection and Treatment

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* Make it a habit to inspect your feet daily. Check for any signs of infection, such as redness, swelling, redness or blisters. Use a mirror to inspect both feet if necessary. If you discover any problems, seek the right treatment. Instead, consult your doctor immediately.

* Make sure your feet are clean. Use lukewarm water to wash your feet. It is recommended to use soapy water after consulting your doctor. 

* Dry feet can cause cracking and itching. After rubbing your feet dry, apply a moisturizer of good quality. Avoid putting moisturizer between your toes as it can cause fungal infections. A lotion that your doctor recommends is better. Cut the toenails with care. If necessary, file the edges. 

* Avoid going barefoot. For proper foot care, it is important to choose the right shoes. Uncomfortable footwear can cause heel pain. Before you put your feet in the shoes, shake the shoes to remove any foreign particles. 

* Avoiding smoking can help you avoid many problems.

Regular foot check-ups will help prevent serious foot problems due to diabetes. 

Although the above diabetic foot care steps are simple, it is important to use them consistently to reap maximum benefits.