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Different Types Of Pre-Insulated Duct Products And Services

Two types of pre-insulated duct products and services are available. Pre-assembled and ALP-live duct boards feature an invisible silver-based coating that is visible in the confronting. This provides the customer with antimicrobial properties not found in other duct materials.

Pre-assembled ductwork is designed for use at residential, industrial, and commercial HVAC duct components to meet the thermal, re-acoustical, and aesthetic requirements. Many companies offer pre-insulated duct panels. There are different types of pre-insulated duct products and services available in the market.

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Pre-insulated duct panels are a unique sandwich structure. This is due to injecting either PUR (Polyurethane) or PIR (Polyisocyanurate), while the middle material laminates with aluminum facing every side. Pre-insulated TSSC duct panels come in decent infantry packaging. Panels should not be stored outside of buildings and the packaging should not be considered.

If storage is not possible, it is important to stack the panels on top of a waterproof tarpaulin and ground cover. It is not recommended to use panels that were allowed to be wet. The record contains the date and the knowledge.

This information is straight and pertains only to the purposes clarified. It is important to verify the suitability of strategies to be used and their compliance with actual specifications, laws, and regulations.