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Evolution of Process Outsourcing

In the present business scenario, process outsourcing is an emerging trend. After the introduction of business process outsourcing (BPO), we can see a variety of process outsourcing such as knowledge process outsourcing (KPO), legal process outsourcing (LPO), Research process outsourcing, Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO), etc.

These terms varies widely and not related to each other. This article provides you the brief notes about each of the above. You gain more knowledge about the techniques as this is going to completely rule the business world in another few years. You can also check out online sources to know about bpo companies in Ontario.

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What is BPO?

Many large-scale industry in the US and UK outsource their back office tasks to companies based in developing countries to save cost and time them. Under this activity, businesses will outsource their support calls, data entry, voice dialing, payroll types of tasks that are not entirely technical, but most of the tasks associated with the support BPO call (Both inbound and outbound calls).

What is KPO?

KPO is also an activity such as BPO Outsourcing. But here the company outsourcing tasks that are expensive to execute in the house and if there is no expertise available to complete the tasks. In KPO, they have the critical IT-related tasks such as designing engineering, email support Technical, etc.

What LPO?

This is an additional trend introduced recently in the field of outsourcing. It includes various legal proceedings as per documentation litigation, patent application drafting, providing legal advice, drafting licensing agreements, contracts and any kind of legal research.