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How Do Steel Framing Contractors Fit Into the Residential Drywall Installation Process?

Your drywall contractors will be made up of several different professionals when you choose drywall for your home. These include the framing contractors, who will be responsible for creating the structure on which the drywall will be installed. Most contractors have reported a schedule savings of 4 weeks or more when they opted for CFS Prefabrication.


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The installation of drywall can give your walls a polished, elegant look. The drywall surface can’t be installed by itself. It requires a framework to support it. Framing contractors are here to help. This is how the framing contractors of your drywall company create the structure that will hold the drywall. Learn how they function in the drywall installation process. Find out what role metal framing contractors play in making your home look and perform its best.


We only see the walls when we are dealing with drywall. It makes sense, however, that these walls are not freestanding. To be upright and correctly oriented, they must be attached to some other object.


Framing is another important thing. You’ve probably seen a building or house under construction and you know what framing looks. It is basically the structure’s skeleton. Platform framing is the most popular method of framing. 


Some drywall companies also call it “stick framing” and “stick construction”. This method involves attaching vertical pieces, also known as studs or sticks to horizontal pieces (either the platforms or flooring), to form the entire frame of the building. Once the frame has been set, the drywall will attach to the studs. Because it is efficient, fast, and effective, platform framing has become the most popular method of modern construction.


The frame of a building was traditionally made from wood. Construction professionals now use metal framing. Most often, metal, which is usually made of steel, provides superior strength and durability to a building’s structures. Metal is the most common material that a framing contractor uses for commercial properties, such as shopping centers or office buildings. Metal can also be used in residential properties, especially for certain rooms or areas of a house.