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How Social Media Can Be Used for Successful Direct Marketing Campaigns

Direct marketing is one of the most integral components of the integrated marketing communications mix. In fact, direct marketing (which includes direct mail and emailers) has a higher ROI in terms of lead conversion and sales generation than traditional forms of marketing such as advertising. For more information about direct marketing campaigns, check over here.

How Social Media Can Be Used for Successful Direct Marketing Campaigns

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Recently, direct marketing is taking a different form from the social media boom. However, there seems to be disagreement as to whether this can be used for direct marketing. Content published via social media is largely for public consumption, which takes away from the very essence of direct marketing that is expected to be more intimate and personal.

From the SMM Company’s point of view, there is no disconnecting between the two. Social networking can serve as a powerful tool for direct marketing – if done properly.

Humanize Your Brand

A chilly and formal strategy never works in social networking, so if you are likely to leverage social media for direct advertising. The very first step a social networking agency must take when establishing a direct marketing effort hinged on networking networks is to create a character for the brand which individuals can relate to.

Sell, but Don't Try Too Hard

When users log in to their account, they do not wish to get slapped with excessively eager sales substances. They are too jaded for this along with other media like TV, print, and radio is already littered with this kind of hard-sell advertising strategy.  However, you need to do so more discreetly and creatively.

Social Media is a Dialogue, Not a Monologue

Remember that in social networking spaces, nobody cares about you personally; therefore it's useless if you keep talking about how good your manufacturer is. Master the craft of societal listening, and you'll understand that you're becoming your followers and fans much more hooked and engaged.