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How To Choose Your Camping Surplus Tent

For a successful camp, you need to buy the perfect tent, and choosing the right tent can be difficult. You need to choose the right size, shape, and footprint.

For example, if you are carrying a backpack with the whole family, it is not recommended to bring three tents for 2 people as they can cost more than a larger family tent. You can also find surplus tents via

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Do not worry. Here are some tips to help you choose the right tent.

1. Choose the size of your tent. You need to choose a size that is sufficient for you, your family or friends, and your camping accessories. If you want to travel alone, we recommend that you bring a tent for 2 people, as a one-person tent will not fit your equipment and personal belongings.

2. Choose the shape that suits you. Tents are available in various sizes. There are A-frames, umbrellas, geodesic or "domes" and wall tents. A-frame types can be quite large, whereas awning umbrellas are commonly used for family campgrounds because there is plenty of standing space and even windows.

3. Two-story tent. They can be very dangerous if placed incorrectly. Also, if you're just traveling with a friend, you can bring a tent for two, as a two-story tent requires more people to set up and a tree to hold onto.

4. Choose between fiberglass or aluminum poles. Most have sticks connected by elastic cords, which make them easier to attach. However, if you want to travel light, opt for aluminum poles as they are lighter.