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How To Dress Your Child For The Summer?

It can be difficult to dress a small child in summer. Your child should look adorable and comfortable. Summer is here and parents should make sure that their child looks great. 

These are some clothing tips to consider before you shop online for kids' clothes. You can also browse other amazing clothing tips through RiseTheCommunity 

Cotton: Choose cotton when choosing clothes for your children in summer. You should ensure that the clothes you buy are 100% made of lightweight cotton. Cotton is a breathable fabric that allows air to reach the child's skin and helps to evaporate perspiration. 

While darker colors block the sun's rays, they absorb heat more than reflecting it. Choose pastels and lighter colors.

Comfort is your most important asset. You, as a parent, must provide complete comfort for your child. You should choose comfortable, soft, and loose-fitting clothes, such as t-shirts, shorts and skirts, Bermuda's and more. You must balance comfort and style. Look for clothes with more movement.

Sun hats: Children's skin is extremely sensitive. Make sure your child has shade when choosing a summer hat. Summer hats are trendy and will make your child's face look cute. A broad brim hat will shade your child's face. 

Choose pastels and florals: For your child, choose light colors and florals. You can find kid's collection dresses in both online and retail outlets. Light colors radiate heat better, making them ideal for spring and summer seasons.

Clothing for the beach/pool: Most children love to swim these days. A swimsuit is a must-have for toddler summers. A full or two-piece swimsuit for girls and a mini swim trunk for boys can be purchased.