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How to Make Your Own Black Truffle Sea Salt?

Black truffles are the most expensive and coveted black color that you can find. No other type of black truffle is as expensive and rare as the ones found in the sea. So when you see one, it means it was harvested from the ocean.

It is very expensive to buy a piece of black truffles. This makes it difficult for the ordinary chef to have a taste of it, unless he has access to some highly privileged restaurant or has some links with the sea.

However, there is a way you can make your own. You can purchase your own black truffle salt. The cost would be a little more than the ordinary salt but it's worth it since you can try your hand at cooking.

And you can create your own style using sea salt, the one that you buy in stores, instead of the regular salt. Also, since it's not readily available, you can create your own original flavor.

Black truffles are also called truffles and this kind of salt is harvested from the same part of the earth where the sea salt comes from. It is formed from the fat of the truffles themselves. Most of the people would say that it's a totally different kind of salt than the normal sea salt you can buy.

If you are making your own one, then you are making a special kind of salt that will be really unique. It is usually sprinkled with crushed truffles and it is also used to flavor wine and beer.

When using the sea salt, you need to add some sugar to it. The combination of the sugar and the truffles will make a perfect tart andgo well with wine and food too. You will also enjoy the taste.

There are actually several types of black truffle sea salt that you can find on the market. In fact, the prices vary greatly so be careful about the type you buy and how much you are prepared to spend.

Usually, plain salt, table salt and kosher salt are using to make the salt. It can be mixed into any dish that you want to make.

However, if you are still unsure, then try the mixture by yourself. Just add one or two pieces of each kind of truffle (pork, chives, capers, etc) and mix well. Place the mixture in the fridge and let it cool down completely.

If you don't have any plain ones, then you can add other dried fruits like raisins, dried figs or dates. You can also use nuts like walnuts or almonds for that added taste.

Now that you know that it's possible to have the right kind of sea salt for the black truffles, you can now start planning for your next event. You can have fun making the colors and flavors that you want.