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How To Play Golf: The Beginner’s Guide In US

This guide is a good read for beginners of all skill levels. It goes over some basic steps to playing golf and offers tips on how to improve your game. There's no one right way to golf, but there are many ways to swing the club the same way. 

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This beginner's guide will teach you how to play golf using the basic swing:

1. Stand in the middle of the green and take a few practice swings. You don't need to be perfect at this point; just try to get the basics down. 

2. Grip your club with your dominant hand about an inch or two below the grip end. Keep your wrists straight and your arms parallel to each other.

3. Look down at the ball and aim it towards the hole. Keep your spine tall and avoid hunching over.

4. Take a deep breath and start swinging your arms back and forth. Keep your club head moving straight forward at all times.

5. Swing your club as far back as you can, then bring it forward again towards the ball. Keep your elbow close to your body and keep your hand stationary until the last possible second.

6. Release the ball by bringing your club down sharply towards the ground, making sure not to hit it too hard or too soft!

The size of the golf ball you choose is also important. A smaller golf ball will fly further and be more difficult to hit than a larger one. Try out different sizes until you find one that feels good in your hand.