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How to Use Facebook ChatBots?

Messenger Bot is a tool that automates conversations with friends. This tool can be very useful if you use Facebook frequently. It has the capability to send instant messages to all your friends. With the help of this tool, you can also create a group and have conversations between all your friends. If you are in the process of designing an application for Facebook, using the Chatbot will save you from writing lengthy code.

In order to use Facebook Chatbot, you first need to have a profile on Facebook. Then, select the "Chat" option at the top of your homepage. This tool will pop up with different icons in front of you. Click on "Auto-Reply", and then click "Next". You will be asked whether you want to set up an Instant Message, a Private Message, or a Message with photo attachments. Click "OK" to confirm what you want.

Facebook Chatbot sends a message automatically to your friends whenever you type in the message box. You can easily add a new chatbot for each account that you manage. By using a widget, you can expand your social network list. You can set a certain time period for when the bot should reply to your messages. With the help of widgets, you can also customize the appearance of the chatbot.

You can easily automate your conversations with friends on Facebook. Facebook Chatbot has various functions. For instance, you can choose the number of messages you want to send and how often you want to send the messages. This will allow you to set the time limit according to the number of friends that you want to communicate with.

You can also select whether to reply to a message or not by default. When you use the "Auto-Reply" option, it will reply back automatically to the person whom you have been chatting with. If you do not want to receive messages from your friends, you can switch off the feature.

The Facebook Chatbot also allows you to import any of your Facebook friends and add them as your friends on Messenger Chatbot. This is done by selecting the "Import Friends" option in the Messenger section. If you do not wish to use your existing Facebook profiles, you can import the people by simply adding their Facebook profiles to Messenger Chatbot. Once the accounts have been imported, it will display their names in a drop-down box.

Messenger Chatbot allows you to add various applications such as Facebook plugins, widgets, RSS feeds, and podcasts you can add these applications to Messenger Chatbot in a single click. In addition to that, you can also add your own applications which will be available to your friends. You can upload them to your Messenger profile with the help of a simple click.

If you wish to add some other applications to Messenger Chatbot, you can upload them in your Facebook profile using the tools provided in the application manager. It also gives you a chance to choose which one of the applications you need to upload.

You can also download the Facebook plugins to the Facebook chatbot by visiting the Facebook-Plugins section on the website. You can also upload them to the Facebook Chatbot.

Facebook Messenger Bot can also be used to post comments on other people's Facebook posts and receive replies from those people. You can also use the Facebook notification feature to send text messages to other Facebook users.

The Facebook Chatbot offers various features and options which are useful for Facebook users. To make Facebook chat more interactive, it can be customized according to your preferences.