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Importance of dog poop bags and scooper

picking up your dog's poop is not really the most appealing subject, and many individuals do not truly like to talk about it. But it's a necessary fact of life if you're a puppy owner, and unless you truly would like to be that puppy owner that every person despises for not picking up after your puppy or even face a punishment then you've simply got to do it you can use portable dog poop scooper from’s-Care-&-Accessories  for making your work easy.

portable dog poop scooper


Do you know why dog poop scooper and bags  are so important? 


There are many reasons to use dog poop bags, but these are the top 5.


1) courtesy of our neighbors. How many times have you stepped on dog poop, and tracked it into your house or vehicle? It's not easy to remove the carpet. It's also difficult to get our shoes off the carpet. I


2) Dog poop is a serious threat to our water. It is an environmental pollutant. 


3) Dog waste poses a health risk. It can contain 23 million coliform bacteria per kilogram and possibly heartworms, whipworms , hookworms , roundworms and tapeworms. These worms can survive in soil for long periods of time and are easily transmitted from one animal to another. All of these dangers can be safely contained and eliminated by dog poop bags.


4) Dog waste does not make a good fertilizer for your lawn. It can cause lawn burns and unsightly discoloration.


5) Fines for failing to pick up dog waste Dog registration is required on remote islands in order to catch offenders. With resounding success, DNA registration is becoming more widespread around the globe with cleaner environments and greater acceptance.


Plastic bags and a dog-poop bag holder are the best and most cost-effective way to dispose of dog waste.