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Importance Of HIABs In Structural Steel Loading

What is a HIAB and what does it do?

A HIAB, which is another name for a loader crane, is a specialist in the steel industry. This crane allows you to unload and load large quantities of heavy materials quickly and efficiently without any additional equipment. HIAB transport cranes are used in construction and haulage industries. They come in many types and can be customized to meet your specific needs.

hiab transport service

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They can do more than just load and unload.

The word HIAB is an acronym, short for Hydrauliska Industri AB, which is the original Swedish manufacturer of this type of loading crane.

Regardless of the manufacturer, loading cranes are now called HIAB. Baker Steel Trading offers a HIAB service to customers who need structural steel unloaded quickly and efficiently. This will save you the cost of hiring a vehicle and the associated costs.

What is the importance of a HIAB for structural steel loading?

Contractors who require heavy steel columns, beams and frames to be transported can find HIABs much easier. They save time, effort, and money by finding an independent third party that will transport and lifts the steel. The crane's hydraulics is powered by the engine of a lorry. They can transport your goods to the site and also load and unload them. This reduces the need to have a separate crane.

They are safe, flexible, and high-quality. They can be operated remotely or manually.