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Its Time to Switch to Organic Foods

Brisbane organic food

Been wanting a change in diet? Want to have better health and immunity? Want your food to taste better? It’s time to switch to organic foods. 

Ever wondered why our ancestors had fewer health problems, despite being smoking and drinking? It’s because of their diet. No, we are not encouraging you to smoke but pointing out the fact that despite a few unhealthy habits, they were in better health because of their organic food habit. 

Food was rarely processed or refrigerated. It was prepared fresh daily and was consumed fully. There was also a healthy balance of fruits, vegetables, and meats. We need to get back to this kind of diet and stop eating foods that come out of a packet. 

Yes, the average life expectancy has increased compared to a few decades ago, but this is mostly because of the advancement in science that has found a cure for many diseases. Regarding general health, our ancestors ate better and even got more exercise. 

Today, we eat fruits and vegetables that are grown from genetically manipulated seeds. We are eating meats that are highly processed with salts and chemicals to increase their shelf life. This is not good and we are seeing the bad effects in the form of cancers, low fertility rates, and poor overall health. 

It’s time to switch to organic foods that are naturally grown in natural conditions and come straight from farms and orchards to your table. The best place to get organic food is Brisbane as the city is known for it. Try once and you will get hooked.