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Online Funerals – Is It Good For Those Who Are Unable to Attend Funerals?

Online funerals are the perfect way to make friends and family members who couldn't attend a funeral feel like they were part of the celebration of life. They can also help ease any guilt you don't have at the funeral. 

Likewise, the client's family feels relieved because all the loved ones of the deceased can participate and witness the last event held. It is now easier to find professionals to get essential funeral services.

Coronavirus: How funerals under lockdown have 'felt incomplete' - BBC News

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There are many reasons that can prevent a person from attending the funeral of a loved one. Military personnel stationed overseas, unwavering work commitments, weddings, and other long-planned events are just a few of the many explanations that prevent funeral attendance.

The inability to attend the last post of a loved one can have devastating consequences for both the absent mourner and the bereaved family. Deep guilt and remorse can make it difficult for someone who is unable to attend. 

Feelings of anger, resentment, and feelings that the deceased did not care can complicate the client's family life. However, with the amazing technology of broadcasting funerals online worldwide, anyone the family designates can attend funerals online.

Of course, to offer this service to your community, you will need funeral software that you can use to manage this process. With a simple video package that includes a tripod, HD camera, wireless microphone, and USB capture device, you can be up and running in minutes.