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Opting For Traditional Food Is A Great Idea

One of the best experiences of life is savoring a dish which is melt in the mouth that you get transported to another world altogether.

This phenomenon used to happen rarely before but in today's gastronomically aware world, it is happening more often than ever before. You can order food online from Irashai, Fairbank whenever you are feeling hungry.

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Today we have a host of cuisines from all across the globe competing for our attention at the local mall's food court.

All the major cities of the world boast of being a melting pot of many cultures and thus their gastronomic experiences are also a class apart.

In the hurry to taste and experiment with modern cuisines and delicacies, one should not forget the recipes of one's own motherland.

Fortunately, people are still hooked on to the traditional food of their regions and can't have enough of that too.

Thanks to innovative chefs who have started to dominate the food scene, the conventional cuisine of yore has got a modern twist and various fusions such as Japanese-American food including Teriyaki subway sandwiches, Indo-Chinese cuisines such as vegetarian fried rice and such others have emerged.

If you really want to taste the traditional food of the huge subcontinent, then go in for a thali system of eating.

This is an age-old system of serving dishes to guests and is still used in many homes, restaurants, and functions across the country.

It is different from a buffet style of eating as in the buffet-style you have to keep getting up to get whatever you want although the quantity is unlimited.

In restaurants serving thali style dishes, the waiters come to you with tubs and buckets full of the choicest dishes to pick from.