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Oral Surgeon Can Reinstate Your Smile

An oral surgeon is a specialist in jaw and mouth surgery. An oral surgeon can treat many conditions that could affect a person's dental health. It is important to have a healthy smile and a healthy body.

Multiple conditions can impact your dental health as you age. If not treated promptly and properly, dental problems can cause severe damage to your teeth.

Depending on your condition, dental surgery may be necessary. Any type of surgery performed on the mouth or around the mouth is called oral surgery. You can book an appointment online with the best oral surgeon in Brooklyn.

Oral Surgeon vs. General Dentist. What's the Difference?

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Different types of oral surgery can be performed by an oral surgeon. One of these is the removal of wisdom teeth. If the wisdom teeth are not properly grown, it can cause severe pain. Consult your dentist to discuss this. If you are advised, you should have the tooth or teeth extracted.

Tooth extraction is simple. The dentist will first anesthetize you and then numb the area where the procedure is being performed. The oral surgeon will perform the extraction. You must follow his instructions. These guidelines include recommended diet and prescribed medications.

While oral surgeons are able to treat many dental issues, it is important to take preventative measures to keep your teeth healthy.