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Outsource Product Development – Time and Reasons

Outsource product development has caught the imagination of the entire business world. Sometimes, an enterprise opts for outsourced product development to manage costs, boost the bottom line and save time for core activities. Other times, some strategic purposes such as dispense with some centers located in critical geographical regions have bearing on the option for outsourcing product development. There are several reasons that can be cited for the outsourcing options. 

Outsourcing product development makes the most sense when:

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  • There is a need for expertise the company doesn't have or needs full-time involvement.
  • There is a need for resources the company currently does not have to complete all of the required work.
  • It incurs heavily to keep up internal teams to do some or all of the development projects.
  • There is a desire to incorporate standard practices or fresh approaches in the product development processes.
  • The capabilities to find, evaluate, and hire the outsourcing firm.
  • Methods, protocols, and resources for communicating and managing the outsourcing firm.
  • Tools, resources, and plans for gaining, storing, and using knowledge transfer.

What are the reasons to outsource product development?

Acquiring Expertise

One of the most plausible and successful reasons to outsource product development is to acquire expertise not currently available within the company. This lack of expertise could be because of a specific, non-core activity within the company, or it could be due to a sudden rise in demand that exceeds the company's existing capability.

In both situations, outsourcing product development is an excellent way to plug in the need for expertise. However, a critical factor for the successful implementation of outsourced product development is to ensure the protection of all proprietary information, which should be arranged at the earliest or just before the onset of the project with some sort of contract.

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