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Personnel For A Kitchen In A Food Establishment

You should do your kitchen with reliable staff who know about the kitchen inside and outside; A good kitchen team can make or break you. 

Remember that everyone who comes will not know everything, some will not know anything, but if they are ready to learn, then teach them. To get more information about meal prep kitchen via

meal prep kitchen

A slow worker does not mean that the person does not know what they are doing, each one works at a different pace. Someone must be in charge of the kitchen; It can be a manager, with an assist or supervisor. 

Everyone has space in their kitchen, from the manager to the dishwasher; No restaurant can keep its doors open without the services and dedication of its employees.

Prep cook is one of the first people to deal with a meal of rice onion that you are serving everything the prep cook goes through.

A cook for a station on your line (the part of the kitchen where the meal ends, or is cooked on order). The line is made up of kitchen stations, dedicated to various preparation techniques such as grill, sauté, fryer and so on. 

Most line cooks should have some kitchen experience before working on the line. Most cooks have prior experience entering a professional kitchen, which cooks have with the actual cooking of food. The kitchen manager must know the ins and outs to run the kitchen.