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Remote Controls LED Strip Lights And How They Work

The LED light is a major component of IR remote control (infrared remote control), one of the earliest uses of LEDs. The infrared remote control is part of our daily life. 

They are the most common solution for TV, DVD, or HIFI systems where the signal doesn't have to travel long distances. To find more about the remote control led strip lights visit

remote control led strip lights

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Each button has a different code, which also depends on the device brand. One of the main advantages of IR remote control is that it is simple and relatively inexpensive to use. 

Their short distance is often seen as a disadvantage (you have to be close to the device to control it), but in most applications, you don't need to be far away – we usually stay in front of the TV if we want to make it ours. 

The IR remote control also requires visibility for communications so that no signal can penetrate walls or corners. This can be an advantage, as individual remote controls in nearby rooms don't interfere with each other. 

Infrared light will be easily disturbed by sunlight, fluorescent lights, and even the human body emits a little infrared light. They are removed by filters that block light at wavelengths other than those of the controller. 

An alternative remote control solution is a high-frequency or high-frequency remote control that uses radio waves, not light waves, to transmit the signal.