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Rock In Summers With Hippie Pants In NZ

Harem pants are one of the most unlikely hot summer trends. The low crotch pants with their baggy legs almost border on the ridiculous and yet top models and celebrities have been spotted wearing them and the high street shops are full of both trendy and hippie pants in NZ . So what is the history behind them?

These rather strange looking  pants have been around for a long time and date back as long ago as the 16th century.  The pants are appealing to wear because the fullness of them makes them quite forgiving if you have a few unsightly bulges. They are also nice and cool in the hotter months and comfortable and easy to move about in.  

These pants are fashioned from soft flowing fabrics, such as silk or jersey, and can look good even on shorter ladies. Because they will drape well but they do need to be worn with high heels to elongate the legs.  A good tip is to team them with short fitted tops and keep the look simple. 

Short stretchy harem pants can look great worn during the day with cropped tops whilst black silk harem pants can look very elegant for evening wear with a pretty halter top and strappy sandals.