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Rumen Bypass Fats In Dairy Diets

Rumen-protected (or rumen bypass) fats are manufactured fat products of varying fat content and fatty-acid profiles which allow greater energy densities in most ruminant diets. 

Rumen by-pass fats  empower nutritionists to boost energy levels in dairy cow diets without needing to add more sugar or starch. Including a starch supply to elevate energy intake frequently requires several pounds of grain, which might cause acidosis.

best bypass fat for dairy cows

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RP fats eliminate the need for excessive levels of carbohydrates and product byproducts. Rumen-protected fats supply the choice to dairy farmers of adding additional energy into a daily diet to compensate for non energy corn silages or other roughage. 

Including a pound of RP fat into a milk cow diet provides enough energy to encourage an additional half-gallon of milk every day. In the instance of both heifers or dry cows, RP fat will enable cows to keep the body during excessively cold intervals in which more energy is necessary for maintenance. 

RP fats must be considered an instrument with which to correct energy levels in diets based on another feedstuff which are obtainable for rations.

The commercially available rumen-protected fat products available on the market these days are mainly combinations of different unsaturated fatty acids. Research indicates that mono- and polyunsaturated fats are more bioavailable once absorbed through the small intestine.

Unsaturated fats improve milk production and feed efficiency in high producing dairy cows. Feeding rumen-protected fats can also be suitable for a heifer, dry cows, and calves in hot or cold weather conditions which increase maintenance requirements.