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T3 Voice Services – Using Large Bandwidth For Serious Calling

If you have a medium-large or larger business or organization, you can realize significant savings by using T3 voice services, as well as improve the communications overall in your offices. You can get more information about voice services via

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A T3 line is a high-speed digital internet connection that can transmit data at about 43 Mbps when the whole pipeline is used. Generally, it is divided into separate pieces so that many different people and services can use the same T3 connection.

T1 lines can also be subdivided into 24 channels, but T3 connections can be divided into a hefty 672 channels, and these can be split up however you like between T3 voice services for telephone lines and internet lines.

T3 voice service is not something to just go out and buy. The installation is involved, and your organization will have to have fiber optic cable run into your telephone center; from there, channels can be divided in any way that works for your business.

Instead of running a traditional phone service, you can use a VoIP-style system, which reduces overall costs mostly because it makes dialing phones inside your own system free – any business that makes many long-distance calls to remote office locations will see those expenses vanish.

It's not just your phone service that will be improved. With T3 service, you have enough bandwidth to broadcast real-time video through the internet with excellent quality. 

Your database systems will see improved function because of the enhanced intranet running in your company, and especially if you have a central database that serves stores you'll see a real change in how efficiently and quickly things move.