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All That You Wanted To Know About Dead Sea Salt

Dead Sea salt is well-known as the saltiest body of water in the world. It is located at the lowest elevation on Earth. It is a saline water region where salt can be found in great quantities. In fact, it is the largest inland salt accumulation in the world. The Dead Sea salt contains a […]

Benefits of Using Bath Salts

Bath salts have been used for centuries as an inexpensive and easy way to treat both physical and mental health conditions. The most common types of dead sea salts are typically made with sea salt or Epsom salt and are readily available in most drugstores and grocery stores. Sea salt is a type of rock […]

Make Your Own Homemade Bath Salt Recipe

Wondering how to create your own bath salts mixture? The basic homemade bath salt recipe helps soothe sore muscle, relax the skin, and ease you into the next soothing bath-with a variety of different combinations to suit your individual needs. If you’re thinking about incorporating a bath salt mixture into your homemade recipe for beauty […]