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The rolled joint Glass filter techniques

1. Prepare all the materials you need

Make sure everything is comfortable before you start. Get the material of your choice (we use index cards for all of our techniques), good sharp scissors, roll paper, and dry weeds. You'll also need a removable tray or premium quality glass cigarette rolling filter tips for making the joints.

2. Cut out the materials needed

Cut the index card into small pieces 4 cm wide and 4 inches long. If you want to make more cigarettes with glass filters because you rolled up a lot of grout, cut more paper.

3. Turn the cigarette glass filter

So experiment with the right density to turn the glass filter for best results. Additionally, rolled index cards tend to unravel. So make sure to press down on the rollers when you're done. Make sure the coiled glass filter stays caught in the joints during installation and is perfect.

4. Put it in your joints

Prepare your joints as usual and place the glass filter on the end. Keep 1/3 of the glass filter tip away from the roll paper. This will be where your lips meet.

5. Launch the Cigarette

If you are happy with the amount of weed in your joints and the location of your glass filters, align the joints using a simple winding technique. 

6. Slide the glass filter tip inward

When your joint is ready, gently push the glass filter tip into the joint body. This will keep the sturdy glass filter tip upright and help introduce weeds into the grout.