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Things That You Could Do At Your Local Pharmacy

We all try to save as much time at the pharmacy as possible. We hate waiting in lines to pick up prescriptions and believe that only the pharmacists can dispense pills or hand out prescriptions. It is impossible to believe that this could be farther from the truth. 

With the advancement of technology, pharmacies are adding more services to make customers' lives easier. You may be surprised at the number of services available at your local pharmacy store. You've probably seen advertisements for non-urgent care clinics at pharmacies across the country. 

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These clinics are open seven days a week. This is great for minor illnesses that occur on weekends. You can also fill prescriptions easily. The walk-in clinics have made it possible to get your flu vaccine. You can also pick up a prescription at the pharmacy. 

All types of insurance are accepted and vaccines can be offered for both adults and children. These vaccines include chickenpox, measles/mumps/rubella, and shingles, and hepatitis B. Your local pharmacy may offer wellness programs. Ask your pharmacist to set you up with one of these programs.

Also, make sure to use the many diagnostic tests that are available in-house such as cholesterol and blood sugar testing. You'll know what it's like to convince a child to drink a nasty-tasting medicine. Many pharmacies offer flavorings at little or no cost. 

You can add flavor to your child's medicine, whether you are looking for bubble gum, cherry, watermelon, or cherry. Adults who take liquid medication can also get more grown-up flavors like creme de menthe.