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Tips For Considering A Solar Panel Installation

Consider these things before you have solar panels installed. What factors should you consider before you choose the right installation company? Which type of solar should I choose? Which type of solar should you choose? Is there upkeep cost?

These are all valid questions that you should ask when looking at solar panels. You will likely have many questions and concerns about this large investment. You can visit  and get some tips, tricks, and advice to help you choose the right company to install your photovoltaic panels.

1. MCS Approved Installations

First, and most importantly, make sure that your installer is an MCS-approved installer. MCS stands for Microgeneration Certificate Scheme. It is a sign that an installer has been evaluated and adheres to the standards and regulations set forth by the MCS.

2. MCS Approved Solar Panels

Make sure your panels are MCS-approved and installed by MCS Approved Installers. MCS Approved Solar Panels must also meet stringent standards. MCS Approved Solar Panels must pass product testing before they can be certified. 

3. NIC EIC Certification

All electricians providing services in the UK must be NIC EIC-certified. You should ensure that the solar installers you choose have been certified. The certification will ensure that your system meets all safety standards as set forth by the governing body, NIC EIC.