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Tips For Renting A Tent

When it comes time to hire a tent rental company, it's a good idea to know a few details about your event before moving on to the hiring process immediately. By reviewing your basic needs and concerns with the company, you can ensure that what you want is what you expect to see at the start of your event.

The tips below will help you rent the tent you need for your wedding, party, or company event like military tents.

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1. How is the weather?

First and foremost, check your local weather forecast. With that in mind, you need to tell your company that the gutters need to be fitted with a tent. This ensures that your guests are dry regardless of the weather.

Most tent rental companies also offer sidewall plans. The sidewalls are walkable and are ideal for maintaining comfort in windy conditions.

2. Select your type

Tent frame

A-frame tent is the most popular type of tent rental because it is flexible on all types of surfaces. Whether your tent needs to be installed over grass, sand, or concrete, a frame tent is a perfect rental for your event.

Canvas tent

Although most tents use poles for their construction, they get their name from the tall pillar in the center. This creates a very elegant top that is ideal for weddings