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Top Things You Need to Know About Parrot Care

If you're really contemplating purchasing a parrot, investing in a couple of minutes reading this guide will be quite rewarding. Parrot maintenance shouldn't be dismissed, since it's quite vital for the wellbeing and well-being of your pet parrot, and it demands a great deal of time to be able to perform it correctly. You can use bird bath spray for your parrot.

Even though there are tons of different parrot species (over 350 actually!), and every species needs slightly different maintenance, There Is Particular common parrot care' variables that are important to each one of these:

Parrot Cages – Nothing has a larger effect on a parrot's psychological well being than the size of its own cage. It has to be easily large enough to permit the parrot to fully distribute and flap its wings. There also should be enough space for five big parrot toys, with no parrot being cramped.

Feather Plucking Parrot

Nutrition/Diet – Although diets differ slightly from species to species, there are many ordinary foods that are beneficial for many parrot types. Every parrot's diet must consist of these foods: freshwater, parrot seed (preferably enhanced with vitamins), fresh vegetables and fruits, and scatter pellets.

Cage Cleanliness – Clean your cage every day, but make sure you just use water and mild soap. You should always clean your hands before you manage a parrot, or prepare his meals since it's extremely simple to provide a parrot a fungal disease. By way of instance, human spit really contains bacteria that are actually bad for parrots.