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Vaccinations Required for Doggy Day Care Kennel in Chapel Hill

When you are planning for a vacation and you aren't able to bring your pet with you. Then, you have to decide to leave him in a daycare kennel. When you call for the facility, you know you need to take a photo of your dog. Why should you photograph your dog? This is to protect them as they will be around many other dogs. There are usually three vaccinations required for a kennel or boarding house namely Bordetella, DHLPP, and Rabies.

The Bordetella vaccination protects your dog from coughing in the crate. This vaccination can be given in two forms, either by injection or by injecting the vaccine into the dog's nose. Bordetella is an airborne disease. In general, it is advisable to vaccinate your dog before admitting to a dog daycare  kennel.

The DHLPP vaccine is a combination of many vaccines. This vaccine is given to your dog by injection. D means canine distemper, H means infectious hepatitis, L means leptospirosis, P means parainfluenza virus, and both P means parvovirus. 

Rabies is a very deadly and highly contagious virus. This is why it is so important to vaccinate your dog against this virus. Hepatitis is also a virus that attacks your dog's organs and once a dog is infected with hepatitis there is no cure. 

The disease is best prevented with a vaccine, but if the dog does get the disease it can be treated with antibiotics. The steam influenza virus is canine flu and can be mistaken for cough in a kennel.