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What is Beard oil?

Beard oil is an all-natural facial hair conditioner designed to moisturize the skin beneath your beard. The ingredients also leave your beard feeling super soft and smelling great! The moisturizing properties of the oil help reduce dry skin, itchiness, and irritation. The beard itch is one of the main reasons people shave it off. Using a good beard oil will help soothe that.

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Will beard oil work?

The answer to that depends on what is expected from the product.

If you have a dry, wiry, brittle beard, then yes. Braw Beard oil will help soften that thing up and make it more manageable.

Braw Beard oil will leave your beard feeling softer, smoother, and more manageable. The blend ratio of ingredients works to reduce irritation and dry skin which can cause dandruff (beardruff).

Would you be happy getting close to someone knowing your head is flaking dandruff everywhere? No? It’s the same scenario with your beard. You want that thing nice, smooth, clean, and flake-free, no-one wants to snuggle a furry snowstorm.

When growing a beard, you may have experienced dry skin, irritation, and beardruff, which is usually is enough for someone to shave their facial hair off. However, using the correct beard care products, all that can be dealt with easily.

If you have a new car or bike, you look after it, you keep it clean because you are proud and want to show it off. Why should the hair sitting on your face be any different? Treat it with care.