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Wholesale Ice Cream For Ice Cream Trucks

Are you looking for a low startup cost business opportunity that will give you excellent returns? It's easy to overlook anyone looking for the best new investment ideas these days that some money makers are proving to be better than ever.

Some may think ice cream trucks are a thing of the past, but I'm here to tell you it couldn't be further from the truth – we still control a very profitable niche market. You can also look for the best ice-cream bar through the web.

6 Best Ice Cream Bars

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The retailers we buy our products from stock dozens of exclusive new items so they can't be sold in stores. By finding a good retailer in your area and buying the right brand new wholesale, you can make a very good profit on every bar you sell.

Let's take Dove ice cream bars, one of the most popular and profitable brands today, as an example. I have a retailer selling this product for $29.66 for 24 packs, which means each bar has a wholesale price of around $1.24. I found that I could sell Dove Bars at a premium of over 100% – which translates to a tremendous profit for every unit sold.

If you are looking for a great business opportunity and want to learn more about how you can earn a profitable income running your own ice cream business, visit my website for everything you need to know about starting your own ice cream business.