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Why Do We Need Performance Testing?

Performance testing is a non-functional test that checks the speed, scalability, and stability of the system. Performance tests are conducted to ensure that the app runs fast enough to hold the attention and engagement of the user. 

This can help companies build higher-quality software or applications in less time while reducing costs. You can get more information about testing tools, you can hop over to this website.

What aspects of the system could be improved by testing its performance?


Website speed is very important for website success. A slow website cannot attract a good audience. And as search engine leader Google prefers faster websites, it's become increasingly important to ensure good website speeds. 

Google's algorithms take into account website response times for both web search and mobile search, so we have to follow its rules to be at the top of the search results.

Improved application scalability

Speed is not the only main goal. Scalability testing is very important when you want to add more users to the system. With the help of scalability tests, we can optimize response time by simply adding more users to the database server. 

Improve app stability

Application stability indicates whether the application can run over time without degrading performance. This can be determined by performing a performance test such as an endurance or immersion test.

Boost the power of the app

The reliability of the system shows how it will behave in critical moments like network problems, virtual threats, cyber-attacks, etc. These problems can be identified during performance tests.