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Why Does Your Home Need Window Caulking?

Caulking is an important home improvement job that homeowners often overlook. The consequences can be severe. Proper caulking can prevent heat loss by stopping air from leaking. This is just one reason why it is important to ensure that your window caulking is done correctly.

Caulk, a flexible material used to seal cracks and gaps around windows or other parts of buildings, is called. Caulk comes in many compositions including silicone, latex and water-based spray foam. The applicator gun is used to apply it around windows and doors, as well as other areas where surfaces may meet. To know more about window caulking, check out this link.

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You can think of your windows as being slightly cracked if they have gaps. This can cause heat to escape through your windows in winter and increase energy bills. Summer heat can enter your home through the windows. This will make your air conditioner work harder to maintain the temperature you have set.

Caulking around your windows conceals these gaps to make it easier for the air in your room to stay at the right temperature for the season. Your HVAC will work less and your monthly bills will be lower. Energy savings can be achieved by caulking your windows during any season.

No matter how small the cracks or gaps around your windows are, rain and melting snow can easily get in. These leaks can travel through your walls, and then make their way down the frame. Caulking should be applied to the areas where the window jamb meets your trim, and the trim meets the siding. This will create an impenetrable seal which can prevent mold growth and water damage.